Gloria’s Wide-Ranging Coalition Grows Stronger with Support from Prominent Leaders in San Diego’s Black Community

SAN DIEGO, CA – California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria’s (D-San Diego) campaign for San Diego Mayor continues to unite the city. Today, Gloria’s campaign highlighted, and announced, a slew of endorsements from prominent leaders in San Diego’s Black community who are uniting around Todd’s candidacy to be the next Mayor of San Diego.

“Our campaign is uniting the people of San Diego in an unprecedented way,” said Assemblymember Todd Gloria. “This is not just about making history by electing the first person-of-color to the Mayor’s Office — it’s about our vision of being a city of real opportunity for every San Diegan in every neighborhood. I am grateful so many San Diegans, like these leaders in our Black community, believe in our vision, and with their support, we will win on Election Day.”

Here’s what the community is saying:

“Now more than ever, we need leaders in our country who will bring people together rather than divide us. That’s why there is no doubt in my mind that Todd Gloria is the clear choice to be the next Mayor of San Diego. Todd is a proven leader who we have seen time and time again embrace common sense and find common ground to deliver results. I know Todd will be a fearless and outspoken leader for the people and I am so proud to endorse him.” –Kamala Harris, Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee and U.S. Senator for California

“Todd is the right person at the right time to lead San Diego. Not only am I confident that Todd will ensure every community has a seat at the table, but I know he will tackle and address the real problems we face. I am proud to Support Todd as next Mayor of San Diego.” –Dr. Shirley Weber, California Legislative Black Caucus Chair and State Assemblymember

“I feel Todd has the experience, love of San Diego, and the right compass to lead in these difficult times.” –J.J. Anderson

“I support Todd because he has always supported the issues concerning the Black community. He has stood with us in dismantling the racist criminal justice system and providing equity for all.” -Laila Aziz

“I stand with Todd because he stands with us, the people.” -Jay Bowser

“Todd has progressive views and I know he will advance San Diego forward with his policies and ideas. I know he will be inclusive of all people as a man of color himself to bring about the real changes that we need as a city.” -Taisha Brown, Chair of the California Democratic Party’s African American Caucus

“I support Todd for Mayor because he is what true leadership is and he represents the best of San Diego.” -Temika M. Cook, President of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Democratic Club

“As an active member in the Southeastern community for over 40 years I can truly say that Todd is for the community. I rise and stand in strong support of his historic campaign for Mayor.” -Kathleen Harmon

“I am excited about supporting Todd for Mayor because he truly understands what the struggle looks like. We need a leader with that understanding and a true vision to lead our city and I believe Todd is the right person to lead our city into the future.” -Chanae Jackson

“Todd Gloria for Mayor of San Diego! He knows who we are in Southeast San Diego and I fully support his run for mayor of the city.” -Armand King

“Todd has done the job before and he was great at it so he has my full and complete support.” -Ken Malbrough, Chair of O’Farrell-Valencia Park Community Council

“I am convinced that Todd Gloria, as a native and involved San Diegan, has at heart, the interest of all the citizens of America’s Finest City. As a private citizen, I am pleased to support and endorse Todd Gloria to be San Diego’s next Mayor.” -Bishop George McKinney

“Todd Gloria does not just talk the talk; he walks the walk. He does not only come around when it is election time. Todd is here for my community year-round. He talks about the real issues that are community based such as quality jobs and affordable housing. There are more important issues than scooters and dusty buildings and Todd understands that.” -Tracy Morris

“Todd has always had our back in Southeast San Diego, now it is time to have his back in his run for Mayor. We need his kind of leadership to move our city forward.” -Barry Pollard

“Todd without a doubt has the pulse of the public. He is compassionate and well versed on all issues. He is the right person to become our next Mayor.” -Rosemary Pope

Todd Gloria, the son of a maid and a gardener, is a former San Diego City Councilmember, City Council President, and Interim Mayor. He serves as the California State Assemblymember for the 78th District and is the Majority Whip of the State Assembly. If elected San Diego’s Mayor, Todd will be the first person-of-color and the first LGBT person elected Mayor in city history.