If you truly care about something, then you should leave it better than you found it.

That lesson was instilled in Todd Gloria by his parents, and it motivates him to improve San Diego and the State of California every day.

As the son of a maid and a gardener, Todd Gloria doesn’t come from wealth or privilege. A third-generation San Diegan of Filipino, Dutch, Puerto Rican, and Native American descent, Todd grew up in Clairemont, where his parents worked hard to afford to rent a home for their family. Todd attended Madison High School and earned a scholarship to USD, where he graduated summa cum laude. Grateful for the opportunity that had been given to him, Todd excelled academically to prove the school’s investment in him was a smart one.

As a 14-year-old, Todd rode the city bus to the Democratic Party headquarters, where he volunteered for candidates like Chris Kehoe. It was a transformative experience that helped him develop his passion as an activist. In college he fought to add sexual orientation to USD’s non-discrimination policy. Openly gay since his teen years, Todd has served in leadership positions in the LGBTQ community, including a term as Chair of the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

Todd’s philosophy of service comes from his lived experiences. He has seen people struggle around him and believes we need to create a city that works for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Todd has spent his entire professional life in service to the public and began his career at the County of San Diego’s Health and Human Services Agency. Todd also served as the District Director to U.S. Congresswoman Susan Davis, whom he credits as his mentor. In a volunteer capacity, Todd served as a San Diego Housing Commissioner and as a member of the Mid-City Prostitution Impact Panel.

Todd was elected to the San Diego City Council in 2008, following Chris Kehoe and Toni Atkins in serving the Third District. As a two-term Councilmember he developed his legendary style of high-energy retail politics, attending dozens of community events every week and visiting with constituents one-on-one.

Known as one of the most accessible elected officials in San Diego, Todd remains in close contact with neighbors throughout his District and credits San Diegans for keeping him focused on the issues that matter most in their communities. He has been named San Diego’s favorite elected official by San Diego City Beat readers eight times in a row.

Todd’s fellow councilmembers elected him as their Council President in 2012. In 2013 he assumed the reigns of the City, beginning his time as Interim Mayor after the resignation of Bob Filner due to sexual harassment allegations. During that time Todd is widely credited with restoring the public’s trust in city government. He authored San Diego’s Climate Action Plan, which calls for annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions throughout San Diego by 2035. Called one of the most aggressive in the nation at the time, San Diego’s Climate Action Plan is now viewed as critical to the future of the City.

In 2016, Todd was elected to the California State Assembly to represent the 78th Assembly District. He was re-elected for another two-year term in 2018. Todd immediately rose to a leadership position in the Assembly, serving as Assistant Majority Whip and now Majority Whip. During his time in the Assembly, Todd has passed legislation on many of the major issues San Diego is working to address, including building more affordable housing, fighting gun violence, combatting climate change, and providing resources for the homeless.

Todd is an enrolled member of the Tlingit Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. A native of San Diego, he lives in the neighborhood of Mission Hills.